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Kaiafas Hotels - Our Facilities

Here at the "Kaiafas Hotels" as well as being able to offer all of our guests a wonderful selection of rooms and accommodation for their stay here in this unique region of the Peloponnese, we also have some great facilities that are available for all of our guests. We have a delightful restaurant and taverna, where our guests are invited to come and join us for a sample of Greek cuisine with our home cooked dishes. We offer a wonderful selection of meals to get your taste buds buzzing. All our the ingredients we use for the preperation of our meals are all our own produce.

Our Restaurant in Kaiafas

We have our own vegetables and fruits, honey bees, eggs and a unique choice of wine, made from our own vineyards. Our meals are all freshly prepared, and offer you the chance to sample Greek cuisine at its most original, unique and finest. Some of the meals that you will find here at our restaurant are unique, and have been passed down through generations.

Our restaurant has seating both inside and out, so you can take a seat outside during the hot summer months and enjoy your meal overlooking our delightful garden area. During the cooler night, you can take a seat inside, and enjoy your meal in a very warm and cosy atmosphere.

For our guests who will be travelling with their own car, we can offer private parking, which is actually something that is not very common in this region of Ilia. We also have our own minibus which we use to transport guests who may not have their own vehicles, to the popular nearby natural spas, where one can enjoy the magical elements and hydrotherpay at its finest.

We will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have about the facilities that we offer here at the "Kaiafas Hotels". Please feel free to contact us.

Zacharo Restaurant
Zacharo Restaurant